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Is your child aged 7-11 and keen to take part in musical activities but the costs are too much to manage?

 v  If you are in receipt of benefits (including Child Tax Credits) and are on a low income, or have exceptional circumstances, the Jon Hayward Memorial Trust may be able to help.

 v  The Trust has been providing financial assistance to eligible Shropshire children since 2008

 v  We award bursaries on an annual basis to part-fund (up to 50%) the cost of music lessons, instrument hire or musical activities for a number of children who have an interest in and aptitude for music but are prevented from pursuing this due to their family’s financial situation.

 v  We also have a number of instruments (violins, guitars & keyboards) which we are able to loan to interested families free-of-charge (provided the instruments are returned in good condition).


Referral forms have been e-mailed to all Shropshire Council area Head-teachers for completion by a parent/carer and the school. Applications are invited from children who will be in years 3-6 in September and whose families are not eligible for financial assistance towards lessons from any other source. If you wish to apply for assistance please ask your school for a form and further details.

Alternatively, you can e-mail for the information to be re-sent to your school.

June 2013 Notice: Bursaries for the Academic Year 2013-14


We are now accepting referrals for next year’s bursaries. The first round of application closes on Friday 12th July. Any applications between this date and next June will only be considered if we have the capacity.

Children need to show both an interest in, and an aptitude for, music to be considered. We can help parents by providing a percentage (usually up to 50%) of lesson costs, paid termly to the lesson provider.

We ask for a family’s income details to be provided. Proof of this from their Child Tax Credit statement will need to be provided either by enclosing a copy, or by the school verifying that they have seen this if the family do not wish the charity to view it. All trustees of the charity have been CRB checked and no details of applicants requesting funding will be disclosed to any other parties without the full consent of the family themselves.

Previous years

The bursaries are working well and we have been funding children from all across the county of Shropshire since 2008. These pupils , who would have struggled to study music without this help, have been performing to parents; attending orchestral workshops; performing at the Theatre Severn; taking their grade exams and enjoying music .

Many of the children and families we support have been through difficult times.  Jon used to say that music was the best medicine, and we are proud to be able to help children grow through music in his name.  Thank you to all our supporters who help us do this.



Number of bursaries

Instruments played



Piano/ keyboard, guitar, violin, drums, flute, saxophone



Violin, keyboard, guitar, flute, drums



Violin, guitar, drums, piano/keyboard



Keyboard, violin, flute, guitar



Flute, saxophone, guitar, French horn, cornet, trombone, violin